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20 Rotational atherectomy for severe, heavily calcified, undilatable lesion intervention
Seung-Jung Park Feb. 16. 10
19 LM Trifurcation Disease Treated with V Stenting Technique and Kissing Balloon
Seung-Jung Park May. 02. 08
18 LM Trifurcation Disease with Mini-Crushing Technique and Kissing Balloon
Seung-Jung Park May. 02. 08
17 LM Shaft Disease and Calcified Proximal LAD Disease
Seung-Jung Park May. 02. 08
16 A Case of Successful Stenting with Zotalimus-eluting Stent (Endeavor) at Heavily Calcified LAD disease after Rotational Atherectomy: Importance of Guiding Catheter Selection, Lesion Modification and Use of Stent with Good Deliverability
Jung Rae Cho Jan. 19. 08
15 Unprotected Distal Left Main Trifurcation Lesion Treated with "TAP (T-Stenting and Small Protrusion)" Technique
Seung-Jung Park Dec. 21. 07
14 Primary PCI in Anterior AMI in a Patient with Anomalous Origin of LMCA Arising Together with RCA from Right Anterior Valsalva Sinus: A Challenging Option
Imad Sheiban Jun. 29. 07
13 Endovascular Repair for The Pseudoaneurysm of Popliteal Artery by PTFE Covered Stent Maohiko Nakanishi Mar. 16. 07
12 New CTO Recanalization Method "Anchor-Balloon Technique" in Patients with Heavily Calcified CTO Lesion Etsuo Tsuchikane Jan. 12. 07
11 Successful Drug Eluting Stent Implantation in Left Main Coronary Artery Disease with Anomalous Origin
Keyur H. Parkkh May. 26. 06
10 Rotablating Atherectomy for Treatment of Unexpanded Stent at Heavily Calcified Lesion
Seung-Jung Park Nov. 04. 05
9 Percutaneous Closure using a Vascular Plug for Treatment of Abnormal Nonfunctional Right Coronary Artery with Aneurysm and Coronary Arterio-Venous Fistula
Anil Dhall Oct. 21. 05
8 Stent-Crush for a Left Main Trifurcation Lesion with Sirolimus-Eluting Stents
Myeong-Ki Hong Sep. 09. 05
7 Stenting for Heavily Calcified and Tortuous Distal Lesion at Right Coronary Artery Using 5 in 7 French Guiding Catheter Technique
Seung-Jung Park Jul. 15. 05
6 Simple Stenting for a Distal Right Coronary Quadrifurcation Lesion with Sirolimus-Eluting Stent
Seong-Wook Park Apr. 01. 05
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