Seung-Jung Park, MD

Country Korea (Republic of)
Specialty Interventional Cardiologist
  1. Why Mismatching? FFR vs. Angiographic %DS
  2. Minimalist TAVR: AMC Experience
  3. What Is the Practical Approach to LM/MVD Revascularization? - Make It Simple!!
  4. PREVENT: Physiology and Imaging for PREVENTing Future Events
  5. [Debate: Should All CTOs Be Opened?] Cons
  6. MAIN COMPARE: 10-Year Follow-up
  7. What Is the Benefit of CTO PCI?: Insights from the DECISION CTO
  8. Physiology-Guidance: Synergetic Hybrid Approach for Complex PCI
  9. 10-year Outcomes of MAIN-COMPARE Study: Main and Key Substudies
  10. [Featured Lecture] LM-PCI: New Techniques, Concept, and Insights from the LM Pioneer
  11. PCI vs CABG for Left Main and Multivessel Disease
  12. Integrated Use of FFR and IVUS in LM PCI
  13. TAVR in Asia, Korea, and AMC
  14. PREVENT Trial: Update and Interesting Cases
  15. The Lesson from DECISION-CTO Trial
  16. All the Data from IRIS-FFR Registry
  17. To Treat or Not to Treat for Gray Zone FFR(0.76-0.80)
  18. [Debate: Should All CTOs Be Opened?] Con
  19. Top 10 Tips on Left Main PCI
  20. Keynote Lecture on Left Main PCI: Expert\'s Concept and Technique
  21. Future Perspective of Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffolds (ABSORBII, ABSORBIII, AIDA-AMC Registry) : Is It a Crisis or a Chance to Move Forward?
  22. Can BRS Stabilize Vulnerable Plaque?: PREVENT
  23. [Debate: Left Main Disease - How to Treat in Contemporary Era?] LM Is No Longer Surgical Disease.
  24. How To Manage Grey Zone FFR?: Data from IRIS FFR Registry
  25. Impact of Complete Revascularization for Multivessel PCI
  26. PREVENT Trial: Update and Insight from Plaque Imaging
  27. Impact of Complete Revascularization for MVD PCI
  28. Why PCI ? - Rationale for PCI / - Patient & Lesion Selection
  29. Is It a Matter of Technique or Concept?: Left Main and Bifurcation PCI
  30. From STABLE to PREVENT
  31. FFR and Clinical Outcomes: Evidence Has Never Been Stronger
  32. Left Main PCI: The Simpler, The Better
  33. Case 1: Left Main Disease
  34. Left Main & Bifurcation PCI: Is It a Matter of Technique or Concept?
  35. Relationship Between FFR and Clinical Outcome: Data from IRIS-FFR Registry
  36. Can We Prevent Events of Vulnerable Plaques?: From STABLE to PREVENT
  37. FFR: How to Change Our Practice?
  38. Integrated Approach for LM PCI Using IVUS and FFR
  39. What Happened in Deferred Lesion: Insight from IRIS-FFR Registry
  40. Please Keep It: IVUS-Guidance for LM Stenting
  41. Left Main Disease Is Not Surgical Treatment Any More: Data-Supported 2015
  42. Fate of Deferred Lesion: Insight from Prospective IRIS-FFR Registry
  43. Plaque Stabilization and Preemptive BVS: From STABLE to PREVENT
  44. How to Treat? - Functionally Insignificant Vulnerable Plaque: STABLE and PREVENT
  45. Trial of Everolimus-Eluting Stents or Bypass Surgery for Coronary Disease
  46. Can We Prevent Future Event?: PREVENT Trial - Design and Rationale
  47. Impact of FFR
  48. IVUS Is Enough!
  49. How Good FFR Guided in Real Practice from Asan PCI and Multivessel Registry & IRIS-FFR Registry
  50. Can We Prevent DEFER Lesion Event? PREVENT Trial - Design and Rationale
  51. Asian Multicenter Registry
  52. FFR Guided Clinical Practice of Left Main PCI
  53. [FFR Use at CathLab: More & Better] FFR-guided PCI in Routine Practice: Lessons from the AMC Experience
  54. Temporal Trends and Outcomes of Contemporary LM Treatment: From the Asan Left Main Registry
  55. Either FFR or IVUS Is Acceptable, but Choose Your Cutoff Values Wisely!
  56. 15-year Temporal Change of LM Revascularization: Lesson from Asan Main Registry
  57. Do You Want to Treat?: Functionally Insignificant Vulnerable Plaque - No, I Don\'t. We Can\'t Predict Fate of Vulnerable Plaque.
  58. Meta-analysis of LM PCI: PCI Using DES vs. CABG
  59. How Good FFR Guided in Real Practice: Data from Asan PCI and Multivessel Registry
  60. IVUS-MLA and FFR
  61. Coronary Angiography versus FFR: Why Mismatches
  62. [Functionally Insignificant, Vulnerable Plaque: Do You Want to Treat?] No, I Don't
  63. TAVI in Korea: How to Avoid Conduction Disturbance..
  64. PCI vs CABG from BARI to SYNTAX: Is the Game over?
  65. Functional Evaluation Is Necessary !
  66. Trend in Outcomes of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention with the Integrated Use of Fractional Flow Reserve and Intravascular Ultrasound
  67. Impact of Functional Angioplasty in Our Real Practice!
  68. Impact of Functional Angioplasty to Current Practice: Trends in Clinical Outcomes of PCI with Drug Eluting Stents
  69. Featured Lecture: The Fate of PCI for Multi-Vessel Disease in the Era of COURAGE, SYNTAX, FAME, and FREEDOM
  70. Now, Do the IVUS-MLA Criteria Need to Be Adjusted ?
  71. When and How We Utilize Imaging and Functional Information in LM Stenting
  72. Clinical Outcomes from RCTs and Registries
  73. Why Visual-functional Mismatch? New Insight from Computational Simulation and Imaging Data
  74. New Frontiers in Left Main Intervention; Functional Angioplasty and New Optimizing Criteria
  75. Why Visual-functional Mismatches?
  76. FFR Guided and IVUS Supported Functional Angioplasty
  77. Device Positioning Is Crucial.
  78. Functional PCI for LM Stenosis: IVUS and FFR Guided
  79. [Debate: Can We Safely Defer PCI Just Based on FFR>0.80?] Yes, Already Proven.
  80. Functional Angioplasty - Insight from FFR and IVUS
  81. Why Visual-Functional Mismatches?
  82. Invited Case Presentation & Focus Review: FFR Guided Spot Stenting for Tandem Lesion PCI
  83. Discrepancy between Anatomic vs. Functional Parameters (IVUS vs. FFR)
  84. It's Not Enough !
  85. Long and Tandem Lesion Intervention: FFR Guided Spot Stenting
  86. Pre-COMBAT: LM Disease Revascularization - PCI vs. CABG Randomization Study
  87. Is Angiography Enough To Guide LMT PCI? - 'Functional Approach Should Be Considered!'
  88. Left Main PCI: Where We Are? Where We Are Going?
  89. Premier of Randomized Comparison of Bypass Surgery versus Angioplasty Using Sirolimus-Eluting Stent in Patients with Left Main Coronary Artery Disease
  90. Anatomic vs. Functional Assessment of Coronary Artery Stenosis: Can IVUS-Derived Minimal Lumen Area Predict FFR < 0.8?
  91. Case Based Learning
  92. Paradigm Shift to Functional Angioplasty: FFR Guided Decision Making, IVUS Guided Optimization
  93. PCI in Unprotected Left Main Disease (MAIN-COMPARE, SYNTAX, and Several Registries)
  94. Xience V in Real Life
  95. Duration of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy in DES
  96. Insight into LM PCI from Main-COMPARE, SYNTAX LM, and Registries
  97. Coronary Intervention
  98. Duration of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy After Drug-Eluting Stent Implantation
  99. DECISION CTO_New Horizon in CTO Treatment; Randomized Study Proposal
  100. Comparison of Sirolimus- and Paclitaxel-Eluting Stents vs Zotarolimus-Eluting Stents in Real World Practice: The ZEST Randomized Controlled Trial
  101. Future Clinical Study for Nobori Stent in Korea
  102. The Impact of Diabetes in the DES Long-Term Outcome
  103. Prognostic Influence of DM on Long-Term Clinical Outcomes and Stent Thrombosis Following DES Implantation in Asian: AMC Experience
  104. Can SYNTAX Score Be Feasible to Predict Outcomes of LM Revascularization?: Application to MAIN-COMPARE Registry
  105. Can Carotid Artery Stenting Before CABG Reduce Perioperative Stroke ?
  106. Tailores Approach with DES for Long Coronary Lesions
  107. \"ZEST\" Trial
  108. PCI vs CABG in Left Main Disease: Main Registry Update
  109. Impact of Diabetes on Long-Term Outcomes of Drug-Eluting Stents in Asian Patients
  110. Long-Term Evaluation of DES vs. BMS; 10-Year Experience from Single Center Registry
  111. How Can We Optimize Good Result in the Long Coronary Lesion ?
  112. Left Main Trifurcation Intervention
  113. LM Intervention Is Still an Available Option Despite Late Stent Thrombosis?
  114. VH-IVUS: Matched and Mismatched
  115. Nobori Stent, Update
  116. VH Experience in Real World: Asan Medical Center
  117. How to Treat - Unprotected Left Main Disease
  118. LM Bifurcation Intervention Guideline for COMBAT
  119. Safety and Efficacy of Cypher on Complex Lesion
  120. LM stenting -Cypher
  121. Drug Eluting Stent: Real World Experience(AMC Registry Study)
  122. Long Cypher Multicenter Registry Study
  123. Aggressive Colesterol Lowering Therapy after PCI(Percutaneous Coronary Intervention)
  124. Long-DES: Study presented in TCT 2004
  125. Treatment of In-Stent Restenosis : Drug Eluting Stent versus Brachytherapy
  126. Is bypass surgery needed for elderly patients with left main coronary artery disease? - CON l
  127. Safety and Effectiveness of Sirolimus Eluting Stent for Left Main Coronary Artery Stenosis
  128. Long Cypher?Multicenter Registry Study in Korea
  129. Bail-out stenting for Unprotected Left Main Coronary Artery Dissection during Catheter-Based Procedure
  130. Cypher vs. Taxus ; Taxus vs. Cypher - Is there something different ?
  131. Primary Stenting for Unprotected Left Main Coronary Artery Stenosis during AMI
  132. Percutaneous Mitral Valvuloplasty: State of Art
  133. Coronary Perforation of Proximal LAD after Debulking for LMCA Ostial Stenosis, Treated with PTEE-covered JoStent
  134. Why Polymer Coated Paclitaxel Stents
  135. Percutaneous Intervention of Unprotected left main Disease
  136. Technical Feasibility, Safety, and Clinical Outcome of Stenting of Unprotected Left Main Coronary Artery Bifurcation Narrowing Equipment Overview of DCA Device Percutaneous Intervention of Unprotected Left Main Disease
  137. PCI for Chroic Total Occlusion
  138. Drug-Eluting Stent
  139. Left Main Ostial Stenosis after Aortic Valve Replacement
  140. Percutaneous Intervention of Unprotected Left Main Ostial and Shaft Disease