Richard R. Heuser, MD

Country USA
Specialty Interventional Cardiologist
  1. Saving Lives in Critical Limb Ischemia: The CrossLock Device in CLI Patients Who Have Failed Interventional/Surgical Approaches
  2. Novel Approaches to Femoropopliteal Disease - The PQ Bypass Technique
  3. A New Approach to Antegrade Recanalization Coronary CTO: The CrossLock Catheter
  4. Inferior Role of OMT Versus PCI
  5. Carotid Stenting for Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis - Will ACT 1 Change Anything?
  6. Novel Stent Technology Can Shed Light: SUPERA or BVS
  7. Femoropopliteal Intervention: How to Choose Proper Device(DCB, DES or Atherectomy...)
  8. Renal Artery Stenting - Updated Data for Guideline and Technical Tips for Stenting
  9. New Support Catheter: Crosslock
  10. Treatment Strategies for Endoleaks from Prevention to Treatment
  11. Case Presentation: Beyond BP Control with Renal Denervation (HF, DM, Arrythmia, or Sleep Apnea Improvement)
  12. Management of Type II Endoleaks – When to Intervene and What\'s the Best Approach
  13. Lower Extremity Intervention - Evaluation and Management
  14. MoMa: A Game Changer in Carotid Stenting?
  15. Unwelcome Complication of EVAR?
  16. SFA In-Stent Restenosis: What Is the Optimal Treatment Strategy?
  17. Challenging Complications of EVAR and Smart Solutions
  18. Invited Case Presentation & Focus Review: Carotid Intervention
  19. Identifying Complications and Its Management of Open and Endovascular AAA Repair
  20. EVAR Perspective from Next Generation EVAR Devices
  21. QuantumCor: The RF Approach to Mitral Regurgitation
  22. Endovascular Abdominal Repair: Technical Tips to Achieve Best Results and Avoid Disaster
  23. Aortic Endovascular Complication and Management
  24. The RF Approach to Treating Mitral Regurgitation: The QuantumCor System
  25. Carotid Artery Disease: Is There a New Gold Standard in Therapy?
  26. Percutaneous Mitral Valve Intervention (QuantumCor Device)
  27. Percutaneous Treatment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms