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FFR-guided PCI fails to show noninferiority against CABG in triple-vessel CAD: FAME 3

Surgery comes out ahead, but both CABG, PCI see improvements over past studies; sub-analysis suggests SYNTAX score helps choose best revasc strategy

COVID-19 Infection Poses Bigger Risk for Myocarditis than mRNA Vaccine, even for Young Males

Research updates collectively stress low incidence of Pfizer/Moderna vaccine-related myocarditis with benefits outweighing ¡®rare risk¡¯

AVATAR Makes Case for Early Surgery Over Watchful Waiting in Asymptomatic Severe AS

Adding to RECOVERY findings, AVATAR confirms early SAVR lowers MACE rates in very severe AS

New Concept of Angio-based CTO Guidewiring May Simplify Wire Navigation

Theoretical 3D software visualizes CTO segment on perpendicular plane view for easier guidewire control

DKCRUSH-V vs. EBC MAIN Analysis ¡®Casts Shadow¡¯ on Provisional Stenting Benefits for Complex LM

Shaoliang Chen, MD cautions against drawing ¡®risky¡¯ conclusions by choosing stepwise provisional stenting for complex left main bifurcation

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