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1-Month DAPT in High-Bleeding Risk Noninferior for Ischemic Outcomes, Less Bleeding: MASTER-DAPT

In HBR patients after DES-PCI, shorter 1-month DAPT showed noninferior NACE/MACCE rates with less major bleeds compared to 12-month DAPT

MITRA-FR vs. COAPT: Conflicting Results Harmonize to Deduce Ideal HF-FMR Patient for MitraClip

[AP VALVES & SH 2021] Insights gleaned from opposing MitraClip results help define optimal anatomical features for TEER

Data Hints at TAVR Expansion Into Low-risk Bicuspid AS but RCTs on Risky Morphology Still Missing

[AP VALVES & SH 2021] Cardiologists call for randomized trials defining morphology for positive TAVR outcomes in low surgical risk patients with bicuspid aortic stenosis

4 Upcoming and Novel LAAO Devices and Best Multimodal Imaging for Challenging Cases

[AP VALVES & SH 2021] Philippe Garot, MD looks at pre-clinical devices touted to help positioning/sizing and mitigate LAAO procedure risk with complex anatomy

Upfront Protection Needed for 'Rare But Real' Risk of TAVR-related Coronary Artery Occlusion

[AP VALVES & SH 2021] Expert highlights when and how to protect at-risk arteries for TAVR patients