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Time to halt routine, post-TAVR oral anticoagulant therapy, CT scans: insights from the ADAPT-TAVR trial

Study finds no association between subclinical leaflet thrombosis and neurological dysfunction, trend for lower SLT with DOAC compared to DAPT

¡®Maximize OMT to reduce mortality for SIHD patients¡¯

Sripal Bangalore, MD stresses guideline-directed medical therapy as ¡®backbone¡¯ of treatment, even with PCI or CABG

Post-PCI FFR, pressure pullback gradient to predict prognosis after revascularization

Carlos Collet, MD shares insights pulled from compiled data on post-PCI FFR at TCTAP 2022

Moving from ¡®broad guidelines¡¯ to patient-specific care: 1st line CCTA for stable CAD

Manesh R. Patel, MD examines 2021 AHA/ACC guidelines for testing chest pain, diagnosing CAD in real-world patients at intermediate-risk

Similarities, differences between EBC MAIN and DKCRUSH-V

Shaoliang Chen, MD compares two major PCI trials on provisional stenting and DK Crush to treat LM bifurcations at TCTAP 2022

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