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New Concept of Angio-based CTO Guidewiring May Simplify Wire Navigation

Theoretical 3D software visualizes CTO segment on perpendicular plane view for easier guidewire control

DKCRUSH-V vs. EBC MAIN Analysis ¡®Casts Shadow¡¯ on Provisional Stenting Benefits for Complex LM

Shaoliang Chen, MD cautions against drawing ¡®risky¡¯ conclusions by choosing stepwise provisional stenting for complex left main bifurcation

POT Useful for All Bifurcation PCI Lesions in PCI; Final Kissing Balloon Needed After 1-Stenting?

Both techniques should tailor to anatomy but data on optimized KBT with POT still missing

Provisional Stenting Simpler, Easier, Faster Than DK Crush But Application Trumps Technique

David Hildick-Smith, MD says not to ¡®prejudge issue¡¯ and go with stepwise provisional 1-stenting

More Tools, But Not Enough Strategy: How to Select the Right Device for Calcified Lesions

Image-based calcium scoring systems and simpler device selection algorithm stressed for calcified lesions