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TAVI noninferior to surgery for elderly, severe AS patients at moderate operative risk: UK TAVI

Study finds TAVI noninferior to SAVR for all-cause mortality at 1-year in patients with severe, symptomatic AS over 70 years at moderately increased surgical risk

Recap: Takeaways from 2021 ACC/AHA/SCAI guideline for coronary artery revascularization

Updated American guidance on coronary intervention advocates multidisciplinary heart teams for revascularization decisions, leads to momentary rift between cardiac specialties

No difference between PCI-OMT for mortality, HF-hospitalization in severe LV dysfunction: REVIVED-BCIS2

Coronary revascularization fails to meaningfully lower mortality in severe ischemic cardiomyopathy over medical therapy alone

POST-PCI raises red flags for routine functional testing in high-risk PCI patients

2-year follow-up of PCI patients at high anatomical, clinical risk showed no survival benefits with surveillance testing over standard care

SAVR always better for younger AS? 'Durability data up to 10-years greenlights TAVR for patients between 65-70'

Long-term valve durability becomes crucial for younger AS populations; intermediate-term data strengthens case for TAVR in select patients under 70 years

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