News | COMPLE PCI 2021 Virtual

New Concept of Angio-based CTO Guidewiring May Simplify Wire Navigation

Theoretical 3D software visualizes CTO segment on perpendicular plane view for easier guidewire control

News | COMPLE PCI 2021 Virtual

DKCRUSH-V vs. EBC MAIN Analysis ‘Casts Shadow’ on Provisional Stenting Benefits for Complex LM

Shaoliang Chen, MD cautions against drawing ‘risky’ conclusions by choosing stepwise provisional stenting for complex left main bifurcation

News | COMPLE PCI 2021 Virtual

POT Useful for All Bifurcation PCI Lesions in PCI; Final Kissing Balloon Needed After 1-Stenting?

Both techniques should tailor to anatomy but data on optimized KBT with POT still missing

News | COMPLE PCI 2021 Virtual

Provisional Stenting Simpler, Easier, Faster Than DK Crush But Application Trumps Technique

David Hildick-Smith, MD says not to ‘prejudge issue’ and go with stepwise provisional 1-stenting

News | COMPLE PCI 2021 Virtual

More Tools, But Not Enough Strategy: How to Select the Right Device for Calcified Lesions

Image-based calcium scoring systems and simpler device selection algorithm stressed for calcified lesions

News | COMPLE PCI 2021 Virtual

Good PCI Planning with Drug-coated Balloons and FFR Can Limit Long Stents for Diffuse Long CA

Antonio Colombo, MD, calls for shift in planning and angioplasty strategy when stenting complex lesions

News | COMPLE PCI 2020 Virtual

Provisional or Double-Kissing for Bifurcation PCI: Interventionalists Review the Who, What, When, Why

World-renowned interventional cardiologists discuss strategies for left main and bifurcation PCI in E-training session