News | COMPLEX PCI 2023

When to Go Retrograde?

Insight from a pooled Analysis of CTO PCI

News | COMPLEX PCI 2023

Novel Antegrade Wiring for CTO PCI: Concept of OPV & PPV and Its Clinical Application

Presented revolutionary techniques poised to transform coronary chronic total occlusion (CTO) interventions

News | COMPLEX PCI 2023

Be Provisional!
Optimal Provisional Strategy for LM PCI

Provisional stenting technique should be the preferred strategy for treating left main coronary bifurcation lesions

News | COMPLEX PCI 2023

Double Trouble or Double Success?
Upfront 2-Stent PCI for LM

Explores the Challenges and Successes of Upfront Stenting

News | COMPLEX PCI 2023

Precision in Stent Sizing: Insights from Imaging-Guided LM PCI

Emphasizing the Importance of Translating Scientific Numbers into Meaningful Clinical Insights

News | COMPLEX PCI 2023

Celebration of LM PCI: Joy in Growth, Journeying Towards 25 Years

This year marks the 25th anniversary of publishing a paper on Left Main PCI in JACC

News | COMPLEX PCI 2022

[COMPLEX PCI] Guideline and concept changes: revascularization for non-LM bifurcations in 2022

Cutting down unnecessary revascularizations key for non-left main bifurcation PCIs as GDMT suffices for most SIHD patients