News | COMPLEX PCI 2022

[COMPLEX PCI] Guideline and concept changes: revascularization for non-LM bifurcations in 2022

Cutting down unnecessary revascularizations key for non-left main bifurcation PCIs as GDMT suffices for most SIHD patients

News | COMPLEX PCI 2022

US guidance on CABG vs contemporary PCI in MVD partly driven by ‘misunderstandings, limitations’ of FFR-guided PCI studies

Multivessel disease patients benefit from both CABG and state-of-the-art PCI, expert says, but misinterpretations of limited studies give skewed impressions of CABG superiority

News | COMPLEX PCI 2022

‘More imaging, the better’ to improve clinical outcomes after complex PCI

Do-Yoon Kang, MD explains intracoronary physiology and imaging to optimize complex PCI results based on 2 fundamental questions

News | COMPLEX PCI 2022

[COMPLEX PCI] Guideline and concept changes: revascularization for Left Main in 2022

End of zero-sum game in Left Main disease? More support for CABG and PCI being complementary approaches, putting patient preference at heart of decision-making

News | COMPLEX PCI 2022

[Expert Insight] Choosing guidewires for antegrade, retrograde approaches during CTO-PCI

Toshiya Muramatsu, MD (Tokyo Heart Center, Tokyo, Japan) explains importance of analyzing CTO anatomy, new CTO guidewires and techniques at COMPLEX PCI 2022

News | COMPLEX PCI 2022

Evidence ‘reconciles’ 2 apparently different revasc procedures – PCI and CABG – for LM, MVCAD

At COMPLEX PCI 2022, Gregg W. Stone, MD notes all specialists agree on choice between PCI, CABG for most patients with LM, highlights best strategies for subgroups

News | COMPLEX PCI 2021 Virtual

New Concept of Angio-based CTO Guidewiring May Simplify Wire Navigation

Theoretical 3D software visualizes CTO segment on perpendicular plane view for easier guidewire control