Seung-Whan Lee, MD

Country Korea (Republic of)
Specialty Interventional Cardiologist
  1. Guidewire Updates: Concept and Technology
  2. Korea CTO Strategy of ADR
  3. Summary of CTO Technique for Beginners: We Can Do It.
  4. When and How to Change Your Plan A to Plan B
  5. The Contribution of Retrograde Approach in CTO PCI
  6. DECISION-CTO Trial: Updated QOL and Outcome Data
  7. Antegrade Approach in Korea 2018
  8. Expert Case Presentation: My Challenging CTO PCI
  9. DECISION-CTO Trial: Treat or Not Treat CTO
  10. LUTONIX Korean Registry Data
  11. The Lesson from DECISION-CTO Trial
  12. Invited Case: Easy Way to Success in CTO-PCI
  13. Carotid Artery Stenting; Indication & Technical Issue
  14. Comparable Impact of OMT After Failed Versus Successful CTO-PCI
  15. Class Effect of DCB?
  16. Long-Term Clinical Impact of Successful Versus Failed CTO-PCI in Drug-Eluting Stent Era
  17. CTO-PCI: Simple Approach Has Evidence
  18. Full-Metal Jacket in CTO-PCI from AMC Registry: Safe or Not?
  19. How to Manage Complex SFA Lesions
  20. Should We Open Every CTO?: DECISION CTO
  21. IN PACT SFA Randomized Trial: DCB Becomes First Line Therapy
  22. TAVI for Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease
  23. Against: Don\'t Care of CTO Expertise
  24. Angiosome-based Intervention Is Associated with Improved Outcomes
  25. Medical Treatment of Symptomatic PAD: The Role of Cilostazol
  26. CTO: See the Unseen - Function Rather than Anatomy
  27. Clinical Data Update for DEB
  28. Percutaneous Treatment of LONG Native Coronary Lesions with Drug-Eluting Stent-V: Biolimus A9-Eluting (NOBORI) vs. Everolimus-eluting (PROMUS-ELEMENT) Stent: LONG V Trial Preliminary Data
  29. Asymptomatic Carotid Artery Stenosis: Is Really Risky? Must Be Recanalized?
  30. Cooler: Not Over till Over, PCI Is Getting Better!
  31. CTO-PCI: Success or Failure Doesn\'t Matter: From Asan CTO Registry
  32. BTK Intervention
  33. Triple Antiplatelet Therapy in DES Era: Default Strategy in High Risk Population
  34. Fielder XT: Initial and Professional Use for CTO
  35. Tailored Approach to Reduction of Restenosis after DES Implantation: Results from Pooled Analysis of DECLARE Trials
  36. Comparison of Sirolimus-eluting vs. Everolimus-eluting Stents in Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Patients: Results from the IRIS-DES Registry and the ESSENCE-DIABETES Clinical Trial
  37. Take Home Message with Special Lecture
  38. How & Why CTO?_Passion, Confidence, Success and Happiness
  39. Updated Data and Clinical Application of Triple Antiplatelet Therapy: The Answer to Patients with CYP 2C19 Polymorphism and High Post-Treatment Platelet Reactivity After Clopidogrel?