Video | TCTAP 2021 Virtual

Hot Topics - IV. Antithrombotics

April 23, 2021 | 2:00 PM ~ 3:40 PM

Moderator(s)-C. Michael Gibson, Marie-Claude Morice
Panelist(s)-Dominick J. Angiolillo, Shinya Goto, Upendra Kaul, Byeong-Keuk Kim, Duk-Woo Park

Antithrombotic Trials Dilemma
-Composite Outcomes and Net Adverse Events: Implications for Trial Design and Interpretation [David Joel Cohen]
-TAVR Antithrombotics 2020: The Forest & The Trees... Still Unresolved Issues [George D. Dangas]
-PCI and AF Trials: Less Bleeding, but Neural Ischemic Events - Is It Justified for All-Comer PCI&AF Patients? [Renato D. Lopes]
-Interactive Discussion with Audience Q&A

Racial Disparities for Antithrombotic Strategies
-Antithrombotic Therapy in East Asian with ACS/PCI: Updated Evidences for East-Asian Paradox [Glenn N. Levine] br> -""Less is More"" in Antithrombotic Therapy After PCI: Clinically Relevant not only in East-Asian but also in Western Population [Takeshi Kimura]
-Potent P2Y12 Inhibitors for East-Asian Patients: Insights from the TWIGHLIGHT in Western vs. Asian Population [Roxana Mehran]
-Interactive Discussion with Audience Q&A

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