Video | TCTAP 2023

[Clinical Science] All About New Data from AMC

May 8, 2023, 8:10 AM ~ 9:20 AM | Presentation Theater 1, Vista 3, B2

Moderator(s): David Joel Cohen, Alan C. Yeung
Panelist(s): Young Rak Cho, Thurston Erng, Farhat Fouladvand, Jae Sik Jang, Soo-Teik Lim, Thanawat Suesat, Wojciech Wojakowski, Anthony Yiu Tung Wong

  • Inter-Racial Differences in Characteristics and Outcomes After TAVR: TP-TAVR Registry
    Do-Yoon Kang
  • Racial Differences of Prosthesis-Patient Mismatch After TAVR
    Hanbit Park
  • Prognostic Impact of Mildly Impaired Renal Function After Multivessel Revascularization
    Tae-Oh Kim
  • Effect of OMT on Long-Term (10-Yr) Outcomes After Myocardial Revascularization
    Jinsun Park
  • Prognostic Role of Routine Stress Testing in Diabetic Patients After PCI: Key Analysis from POST-PCI
    Hoyun Kim
  • Early Percutaneous Mitral Commissurotomy or Conventional Management for Asymptomatic Mitral Stenosis: A Randomised Clinical Trial
    Duk Hyun Kang
  • Valvular and Perivalvular Thrombosis After TAVR: ADAPT-TAVR Cardiac CT Substudy
    Yeonwoo Choi
  • Panel Discussion

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