Video | TCTAP 2021 Virtual

Hot Topics - I. Imaging & Physiology

April 23, 2021 | 9:07 AM ~ 10:42 AM

Moderator(s) Javier Escaned, Myeong-Ki Hong
Panelist(s) Jung-Min Ahn, Ziad A. Ali, Kenichi Fujii, Yoshinobu Onuma

Advances in Physiologic Indices
-Angiography-derived Coronary Physiology [William F. Fearon]
-Role of Quantitative Flow Ratio in Guiding PCI [Bo Xu]
-Invasive Physiology in ACS Patient: Can We Believe It? [Joo Myung Lee]
-Interactive Discussion with Audience Q&A

What Imaging Talks About the Vessel
- Imaging Detection of Vulnerable Plaques at High Risk of Developing ACS [Takashi Kubo]
- Imaging for Patients with MINOCA: What Can We See? [Ik-Kyung Jang]
- Intravascular Imaging-Guided PCI: A Universal Approach for Optimization of Stent Implantation [Gary S. Mintz]
-Interactive Discussion with Audience Q&A

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