Duk-Woo Park, MD

Country Korea (Republic of)
Specialty Interventional Cardiologist
  1. My Approach to Left Main Coronary Disease - Master\'s Skill Secret
  2. LM Revascularization 2022: Guidelines and Concept Change
  3. Long-Term Valve Durability Issues and Optimal Decision-Making: TAVR or SAVR, Mechanical or Bioprosthetic?
  4. Key Message from the ADAPT-TAVR Trial: What We Learned?
  5. Leaflet Thrombosis, Is It Clinically Relevant?
  6. Racial Disparities in TAVR: Similarities and Differences
  7. Clinical Impact of Patient-Prosthesis Mismatch After TAVR
  8. Pragmatic Antithrombotic Strategies According to Bleeding and Ischemic Risk
  9. Two Road Diverged in a Cath Lab: PCI vs CABG in Complex PCI
  10. How to Optimize Sapien 3 Implantation for Future Management: FCA, Bicuspid, ViV, Low risk AS
  11. What Is Your Choice for Adherance Hypertensive Patients with Dyslipidemia?
  12. Escalation and De-Escalation Strategy for CHIP-PCI Patients: The Temporal Tuning in the TAILORED-CHIP Trial
  13. 10-Year Final Report of PRECOMBAT Trial: Deep-Dive
  14. My Challenging LM PCI Case of the Year
  15. East-Asian Paradox for Antithrombotics: Theory, Evidence and Next Strategy
  16. [Master\'s Keynote Lecture] Hand Down a Secret of Left Main PCI
  17. Antithrombotic and Antiplatelet Choice in Complex PCI
  18. Integrated Use of Imaging and Physiology in Left Main PCI
  19. Optimal Antithrombotics After TAVR
  20. Current Status of TAVR in Korea and US: TP-TAVR Registry
  21. TAVR Will Be a Standard Treatment for All Patients with Aortic Stenosis
  22. Balloon-Expandable SAPIEN 3 Valve
  23. Bifurcation PCI: Data, Evidence, and Guidelines
  24. Impact of Severe Coronary Artery Calcification on PCI Outcomes
  25. Optimal Antithrombotics After TAVR: Ongoing Trials
  26. OCT Versus IVUS for Guiding PCI: Current Evidences and Ongoing OCTIVUS Trial
  27. 10-Year Follow-Up of MAIN-COMPARE Registry and Substudies
  28. Anticoagulation for TAVR: GALILEO, and Yet It Moves.
  29. LM Bifurcation
  30. East-Asian Paradox: How to Optimize P2Y12 Inhibitors for Asians?
  31. How To Do Successful Registry Studies?
  32. Bifurcation PCI 2019: What Are Novel Changes for Technique or Concept?
  33. Highlighting 20 years of CV Protection with Lipitor
  34. PCI in Post-TAVR Patients: Beyond the Barrier
  35. Severe Coronary Calcification: Predictors, Managing Strategy, and Outcomes
  36. Integrated Use of FFR and IVUS in Non-LM Bifurcation PCI
  37. Clinical Impact of Periprocedural Myocardial Injury After TAVR
  38. Optimal Antithrombotic Therapy and Ongoing Clinical Trials
  39. Mainstream of TAVR: Minimalist Approach
  40. Permanent Pacemaker and Para-valvular Leakage: How to Avoid?
  41. Minimalist TAVR with Edwards SAPIEN 3 Valve
  42. Time to Consider Different P2Y12 Strategy for Complex PCI/CHIP Patients: From OPTIMA to TAILORED-PCI Trial
  43. Ture Distal Left Main PCI (Medina 1,1,1 or 1,0,1) Contemporary Strategy: Provisional vs. Complex
  44. Metallic DES Are All Equivalent!
  45. TAVR in Asia: Current Challenges and Future Direction
  46. Comparative Outcomes of Contemporary DES in Real-World: Is There Difference?
  47. EBC-MAIN Like Analysis Using the Largest Real-World Left Main Database
  48. Valve Thrombosis, Durability and Ongoing Antithrombotic Trials for TAVR
  49. OPTIMA Trial: P2Y12 Dose Adjustment for East-Asian ACS Patients
  50. Top 10 Tips on Bifurcation PCI
  51. Heavily Calcified Lesion: Rotational Atherectomy and Others
  52. Keynote Lecture on Bifurcation PCI: Expert\'s Concept and Technique
  53. TAVR - Moving to Lower Risk: STS or Age Per Se?
  54. Standard vs. Minimalist TAVR: When and How to Change?
  55. [Taped Case] TAVR with Sapien
  56. CTEPH; Diagnosis & Treatment
  57. All Contemporary DES Comparison; Data from Real-World Registry (IRIS-DES)
  58. Trends and Outcomes of Non-LM and LM Bifurcation PCI
  59. How Do I Choose Sapien 3, Evolut R or Lotus in My Practice?
  60. Long-Term Durability Issue of TAVR; Uncertainty or Would Be OK
  61. Contemporary Bifurcation PCI; How Advance over Time?
  62. Generalizability of EXCEL and NOBLE; Comparison with IRIS-MAIN Registry
  63. Where to Go? - Comparative Analysis: BMS, DES vs. BVS / - The Next Step: BVS in Challenging Lesions
  64. Can Different DES Make a Different Outcome?
  65. Future in Transcatheter Heart Valve Treatment
  66. SYNERGY : Latest Experience from Korea
  67. Growing Importance of Evidence in the Management of High CV Risk Patients
  68. How Much Promising BRS in Real-Practice PCI?; Updated Real-World Experience and Registry Data
  69. Bifurcation PCI Summary; Technique or Concept?
  70. BRS in Left Main PCI: Clinical Data and Experience
  71. DES Thrombosis and Restenosis: Still Problematic in Current Real-World with Updated DES
  72. Effect of Statin Therapy on Cardiovascular Outcome in Dyslipidemic Patients with CKD
  73. BVS: They Will Replace Metallic DES?
  74. Comparative Outcomes of New-Generation DES: IRIS-DES
  75. Can BVS Replace the Metal Stent?: Current Status and Future Perspective
  76. Shifting the Paradigm for Lipid Management: Pathways in Achieving Improved ASCVD Outcomes
  77. RDN; Indications & Evidence and Future
  78. Use of a Point-of-Care Platelet Function Assay to Improve the Prediction of Atherothrombotic Events after DES Implantation: ASAN-VerifyNow Registry
  79. Long-Term Outcomes After Stenting Versus Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting for Unprotected Left Main Coronary Artery Disease: 10-Year Results of Bare-Metal Stents and 5-Year Results of Drug-Eluting Stents From the ASAN–MAIN (ASAN Medical Center–Left MAIN Revascularization) Registry
  80. AMC Experience of the Intervention for the Structural Heart Disease
  81. Early DES - What Did We Learn - Updates from the ZEST Trial
  82. Alternative and Next Antiplatelet Therapy Beyond ADP Blocker
  83. Seeing Is Believing. IVUS Is A Mandatory in All Patients!
  84. DES vs. CABG for Multivessel Disease: Same or Different Interpretation from Registry to RCT
  85. Use of VH-Findings as Surrogate Marker for Anti-Atherosclerotic Drug
  86. Wrapping Up Current Clinical Trials and Future Study Program
  87. VH AMC Clinical Experience
  88. Meta-Analysis of 3,900 Patients with Left Main Disease Intervention (BMS vs DES vs CABG)
  89. Impact of DES on Diabetes Mellitus in Long Coronary Lesion